The Ultimate Housewarming Party

The Ultimate Housewarming Party

One of the most enjoyable moments in your new home, is when you introduce your friends and family to check it out and get the tour. We have provided things to consider, and a walk-through on how to have the ultimate housewarming party for your people!

Deciding between a Day-time or Evening Housewarming Party

Are you more excited to show the house in the daylight hours, as a home in the natural light a home generally feels bright and welcoming, or in the evening get together and festive feel!?

Both times can be perfect, depending on your preference!

Housewarming Party Decorations 

You get the free pass on having every picture hung and room completed but take advantage of your chance to impress your friends with your beautiful new place!

Fresh flowers, seasonal décor, and candles make a house feel like home and adding the beautiful colors help to bring the house alive.

A chalk board or banner help to create the festive feeling, with limited effort!

Colorful balloons throughout the rooms really makes the room pop and adds some fun to the tour!

Housewarming Specialty Drinks

Starting it off with some celebratory champagne is a nice touch, and will make for great cheers pictures and Instagram boomerangs for your social-media enthusiasts!

But nothing makes a party feel like an event more than specialty drinks!

Adding some colorful straws, glasses, cut limes and lemons, and a fun list creative names for your beverages and their ingredients to add some fun to the process!

Housewarming Activities to Mark the Date

Take a moment to find a beautiful guest book to put by the front door for your friends to sign and offer any fun notes, memories, or helpful tips for the new neighborhood or community!

Documenting the event with a polaroid camera for your guests to be creative and take some pictures, or set up a fun photobooth style background with some props in one sectioned off area of the home! To go to the next level, set up a quick backdrop using some fun wrapping paper or solid color so your friends can use some markets to draw a little something for you before taking a picture in front of it with a phone camera and recommend a hashtag!


I hope these tips help you to introduce your new home smoothly, enjoy giving the new-home tours, and start having great experiences in your new home!


Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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