Macomb Orchard Trail – Best Things To Do in Macomb County

Macomb Orchard Trail is located in Macomb County Michigan.

The trail is 23.5 miles long and extends all the way from Richmond to Dequindre road. This trail is located in Shelby Township, MI and is a great spot to go to for some activity.

Trail Length: 23.5 Miles
Township: Shelby Township, MI

If you’re interested in taking a walk, going for a bike ride, or a trail run, Macomb Orchard Trail is a great place to go!

The trail has beautiful views along the way for you to see. In some areas of the trails you will see wildlife including deer in quiet, remote sections of the trail.

In other areas of the trail there is sun light coming through, and other parts will be in full shade.  The paved trail makes for a smooth bike ride.

Nearby restaurants are available for a bite to each if you find yourself hungry from the exercise. Remember to bring your wallet if you decide to go and take a break while you’re along the trail.

It’s important to stay vigilant and watch for cars crossing the roads, as many of them don’t stop, when you are required to do so.

Macomb Orchard Trail – Directions

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