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Home Lot Selection: For Building Your New Home Construction

Home lot selection for the construction of your new home is very important, and we have provided some key considerations when narrowing down your perfect lot.

The lot you choose to build your home on, generally does not get the emphasis it deserves.  Remember these 3 main categories and what you want from each to make selecting the lot to build your home much easier and more successful.

Home Lot Location

The location overall of the neighborhood or community you select is the very important, as it should be. The strong school district in which it resides, vicinity to shopping and restaurants, sports and recreational facilities, and work opportunities.

The next level of home lot selection is your lot’s location within the community.

Lot Near the Entrance and Exit

There are pros and cons to being near the entrances and exits of the community.

Near the Front of the Community or a Secluded Lot

It’s a matter of opinion and if you’d like closer neighbors and more access to your home, or more seclusion and be tucked away from others.

Lot Layout and Home Direction

The layout of the natural setting of the lot will influence the direction the home will face, many people prefer to set the home to have the front of the home to get direct natural light.

Home Lot Size

The size of the lot is clearly one of the most important decisions to make and can make or break how happy you are in your home.  The amount of yard is also important in resale property valuations and demand.  The shape of the lot and position of home within the lot plays a large role in how you can make use of your lot.

Home Lot Grade of the Land

The vast majority of home buyers prefer a level lot.  For those that like homes that sit atop of steeper slope, its important to consider how this can affect the way you get in and out with poor weather conditions and plan accordingly.

These 3 key considerations; lot location within the community, size of the home lot, grade of the land within your lot, are all a matter of opinion and what you want out of your new home and lot.  Research and think about what you want out of these areas before picking a lot for your new home construction.


Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

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