Bed with Storage under it, and other storage in a small room

Home Organization Tips and Tricks

Living in a home with limited storage, makes it absolutely critical to organize and maximize the storage space that you do have.

Hopefully you can use some of these ideas to make use of your home storage space.

Creating Storage Under Your Bed

There are bed frames with shelves built into the framing of your bed.  These beds with built in storage allows you to make use of the otherwise dead space under your mattress where you sleep.

If the bed frames with built in storage shelving are not a solution for you, consider the skinny bins with wheels that can be filled with clothes or shoes and slid under your bed.

Shelving Shoe Racks for Closet Clothing Storage

Shoe racks with shelving can be use to put on top of closet shelves to create additional shelves.  The additional, smaller shelves allow you to have smaller stacks of sweaters and therefore it’s easier to get to a specific sweater without disrupting the entire stack of clothes.

Folding Storage Bins

Square folding storage bins are great for organizing accessories like winter hats, gloves, etc. These folding storage bins can be put into wardrobes at the bottom to have stackable and organized spaces.

Hanging Shoe Racks

Hanging Shoe racks can be repurposed for many organizational uses.  There little pouches are perfect for storing; gift wrapping items, spices and snacks for food storage, or bathroom toiletries.  These can be great for storage and when used for certain organizing they can be useful for travel organization also.



Photo by Devin Kleu on Unsplash

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