Holiday Hacks – Decoration Storage Secrets

These holiday decoration storage secrets will help to organize and simplify your holiday lights, ornaments, and other loved possessions to bring the spirit to your home this time of year.

Minimize stress, maximize efficiency.

Gift Bags & Boxes Store with Magazine Organizers

Reuse magazine racks to organize your gift bags and gift boxes. You can even use labels to categorize the type of gift wrapping each contains, ie: Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, etc.

Rack Wreaths

Reusing a coat rack for hanging wreaths with plastic bags around them for protection is a great way to get them out of sight and quickly accessible to reuse next year.

Safely Store Ornaments

Plastic apple containers are a great way to stash away your bulbs, keeping them safe from harm and all together in one place.

Wrapping Paper Basket

Using a decorative basket to contain your wrapping paper rolls is an aesthetically pleasing way to store your gift paper.

Wrap Lights Before Storage

Wrapping string lights around a cardboard or another soft and dry material before storing will help with keeping them untangled and easier to get back out next holiday season.

Coffee or Beverage Trays for Stackable Storage

Beverage trays will separate, and protect your different shapes of ornaments and decorations, and they can be stacked to save space.

18-Pack or 12-Pack Egg Carton Container

These cartons are great to repurpose for protecting and storing small bulb decorations.





Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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