Keep Your Furnace Working Efficiently

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 21, 2019

Your home furnace is one of the most expensive and important machines that you rarely think about unless there is a performance issue or it fails. Maintenance on your furnace can help your machine run more efficiently, last longer, and save you money. Try these ideas for maintaining your furnace, assisting it to run less […]

Beautifully lit dining room with table and chairs, energy efficient lighting.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs to Save Money

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 10, 2019

As technology continues to improve and become more energy-efficient the government standards follow closely behind to ensure we are are doing what we can for the environment. The lighting industry continues to make great improvements in the energy needed to light your home. The old-trusted incandescent light bulbs have been the main light source for […]

Bed with Storage under it, and other storage in a small room

Home Organization Tips and Tricks

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 29, 2019

Living in a home with limited storage, makes it absolutely critical to organize and maximize the storage space that you do have. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas to make use of your home storage space. Creating Storage Under Your Bed There are bed frames with shelves built into the framing of your […]

Beautiful Wooden Home in a field

Framing Lumber Exposure to Rain

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 19, 2019

If my framing lumber for my new home gets wet during construction, will it harm the wood? Many people building a new home, will understandably get concerned when only the frame structure is exposed and is experiencing wet conditions like rain throughout the build. Believe it or not, the lumber can be submerged in rain […]

Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts for Kids

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 17, 2019

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and catch up and share stories.  One of the more challenging issues is to keep the young people entertained and occupied throughout the day. Here are some Thanksgiving arts and craft ideas to extend the family time and fun with loved ones. Place […]

10 Reasons to Buy a New Home vs. Used Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 10, 2019

These 10 reasons to buy a new home vs. a used home will help you reach your dream home.  Your dream home is just that, your dream home. Make sure it fits with what you have always hoped and dreamed of having in a home. Your Design and Layout of your Dream Home Buying new […]

Modern homes on farm land with mountains behind the homes - improve your home energy efficiency

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

By Tyler Bastianelli | October 30, 2019

Improve your home energy efficiency with the following strategies.  Start by focusing on the exterior of your home – attic walls, windows and doors. The next target area is your energy consumption and the most important systems in your home like the cooling (air conditioning), heating (central heating), lighting, and other appliances (washer & dryer, […]

Clean Kitchen Table - Best Home Cleaning Products

Best Home Cleaning Products

By Tyler Bastianelli | October 26, 2019

The best home cleaning products for the tricky areas and maintenance ongoing cleans to keep your home feeling fresh. Dyson Cordless Vacuum Our Dyson vacuum is a lifesaver, it always performs at the highest level and keeps my hardwood floors and carpets clean by going over them with a quick vac of the room.  The […]

Home Lot Selection - For New Home Construction - Home on the Water

Home Lot Selection: For Building Your New Home Construction

By Tyler Bastianelli | October 19, 2019

Home lot selection for the construction of your new home is very important, and we have provided some key considerations when narrowing down your perfect lot. The lot you choose to build your home on, generally does not get the emphasis it deserves.  Remember these 3 main categories and what you want from each to […]

Halloween Decorations for Home

Halloween Decoration Ideas

By Tyler Bastianelli | October 7, 2019

Decorating your home for Halloween is a fun way to spruce up your space and excite your guests.  Enjoying the festivities with holiday specific colors, candles, and pumpkins will give your home a new feel and fun vibe. Start with the entry way and make the front porch spooky! Front Porch Spooky Decorations Pumpkins, Candles, […]