Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and catch up and share stories.  One of the more challenging issues is to keep the young people entertained and occupied throughout the day.

Here are some Thanksgiving arts and craft ideas to extend the family time and fun with loved ones.

Place Card Design

Make up a seating plan to give to the children, and allow them to make their own place cards for each table setting. Be sure to provide colorful paper, markers, scissors and glue. Design Your Place Card Directions

Cookie Turkey Decorations

Start by making some delicious cookies! Cover in plastic wrap.  Grab some yellow and red colored paper.  Cut out a beak and snood to put on the cookie front.  White and black colored paper to cut out and create eyes.  Multi-color paper of whatever fun choices you would like, and cut into pointed ovals to glue to the back which stick over the top to look like a turkeys feathers! Cookie Turkey Directions

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Collect colorful yarn and wrap around the napkins to create colorful, Thanksgiving themed rings for to make the table decorated for the occasion.  For extra creativity, grab some items to hang from the yarn to add some flair. Napkin Rings Directions

Turkey Balloons

Pick up some colorful balloons. Colored paper, and glue sticks.  Blow up the balloon. Create eyes, beak, and snoods to glue on the balloon to make the face.  Cut colored paper into tall colored feathers and glue them on to let them stick up above the balloon. Turkey Balloon Directions

Fall Hoop Wreath

Go to your local arts and crafts store and pick up some seasonal items and colors and hoop. Fall Wreath Directions

Pear Place Card

The color and shape is interesting and you can insert a stem to create a tag and write in or design a tag. Pear Place card Directions

Turkey Decorations

Remove the label on a can and remove the top and bottom.  Pick up some streamers of Thanksgiving or Fall pallet colors, colorful paper, and feathers.  Make eyes,  and nose and snoods and glue to the can. Put feathers or extend the pointy colored paper out of the top.  Glue the streamers to the inside of the can and let them hang down 12-15″ below the can. Turkey Windsock Directions

Yarn Acorns

Nuts, Colorful Yarn, and sticks are all you need for fun displayable yarn acorns. Yarn Acorn Directions

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

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