10 Reasons to Buy a New Home vs. Used Home

These 10 reasons to buy a new home vs. a used home will help you reach your dream home.  Your dream home is just that, your dream home. Make sure it fits with what you have always hoped and dreamed of having in a home.

Your Design and Layout of your Dream Home

Buying new will give you the opportunity to choose your own flooring, countertops, cabinets, appliances and more.  You will have the ability to pick your own fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as lighting options.  This is where your taste and style can truly be emphasized in your home.

Floor Plan and Room Layout

The floor plan, flow of the home, and layout is up to you when choosing a new home!  Build your master suite with the layout and location in the home just the way you want.

Warranties are Active

When you build new, the expensive and critical parts of the home are under warranty. The important warranties are things like your roof, appliances, water heater and heating unit, and countertops.  The peace of mind of having an active warranty when you move in to your new home provides a safe feeling.

Energy Efficiency

New homes are more energy efficient because of a combination of new technologies and materials which accomplish the insulation and conditioning of the air and climate within the home. Windows are being installed with much more efficiency through double and triple panes.

Air Conditioning

The new standards of HVAC units, are being improved year after year, pushing us towards more efficient ventilation, and more environmentally friendly means.  Air filtration is also improving, therefore keeping the air cleanliness in your home at a higher level.

Low Maintenance Home Systems

Homes are being built with the technological advancements of the time, notifying us when systems are not working or are in need of service.  New homes are engineered to keep the systems working together and communicate issues and maintenance needs.

Community Amenities

New communities are thought out and planned to include convenience and perks beyond your home itself.  Many new communities include; community centers, pools, and club houses.  At times outdoor lifestyle options are being developed like hiking trails and open lands.

Advanced Technology

It’s interesting to think about windows as a technological advancement, but improving the materials in new windows to reduce air flow and increase insulation is a technology worth considering as this can save you loads annually on energy bills. Appliances are another key area where having new machines can save you on energy consumption, as well as enjoying a more effective machine.

Home Safety

Your dream home needs the best systems to ensure you and your loved ones are safe.  Improvements in circuit breakers will keep your family safe from tragedy.  Electric garage door openers with safety lasers to keep from a child getting hit, is another powerful safety feature.  New HVAC have more environmentally friendly coolants.

Ambiance & Feel

Everyone wants that ‘new home feel’ and more specifically want it to feel like its their home.  You control all the layout and design, decorations, and can make the home’s atmosphere just how you have dreamed it would be.


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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