Benefits of Buying a Model Home

Benefits of Buying a Model Home

The benefits of buying a model home may come as a surprise to someone who has never considered this option when doing their new-home buying search.  The opportunity to purchase the model home is a very interesting and exciting option to get into the neighborhood you like with all the upgrades to the layout and furnishings put together by a professional to best showcase the home.

Enjoy All the Home Upgrades of the Layout

My favorite benefit for taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase a model home is you often are enjoying all of the home upgrades on the particular layout.  For example, you don’t have to choose between the breakfast nook, additional office, or master bathroom extension…model homes are built to showcase all the upgrades, and you can enjoy all of them!

Furnishing and Accessories are Included

The benefits of a model home purchase include the stress reliever that the furnishings and accessories used to optimize the size of each room, and perfectly show the fit and feel of the home are included in the purchase.  Home design professionals take the time to measure each room and consider the way the room will work and how people will walk through and live in each room so that the furniture and accessories enhance the efficiency and ambiance of each room.

Decorated by a Design Professional

The model homes for a neighborhood are the showcased product for interested house shoppers to display what’s possible when you choose a home in this community.  It is very common for an interior design professional to be retained to decorate the home from top to bottom to accentuate the home’s best features.

Reasonable Model Home Pricing compared to a Custom Build

The model home carries more competitive, and reasonable pricing when compared to customizing your own home build with all of the same options, features, upgrades, furnishings and accessories.


Enjoy these tips on the benefits and consider the opportunity to purchase a model home!


Acadia Home Builders, Model Home For Sale:
Wolverine Country Club – (Model Home) Lot 74 – Address: 55124 Wolverine Dr. Macomb, MI 48042

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