Holiday Hosting In Your New Home

Holiday Hosting in Your New Home

Hosting holiday parties for your friends and family is fun and creates lasting memories but can also be stressful. Have the best holiday party by using these tips for planning and enjoy hosting the celebration in your new home.

Prep the Entry Way for Heavy Holiday Foot Traffic

The entry ways to your new home will be getting heavier foot traffic than normal, which means a lot of wet footwear! Consider getting some plastic shoe trays to place near entryways to softly recommend to guests to remove shoes as they enter and place their wet and dirty footwear in the trays as they come in.

Winter Coat Collection & Temporary Jacket Storage for Guests

Think through your storage options for your guests big, winter coats. If you have a coat closet, consider moving your current jackets to another area of the home during the holiday party to make room and provide lots of hangers for guests to hang coats as they come in!

Holiday Decorating

The holiday decorations will likely be purchased in advance to have the home bright, colorful and beautiful. Think about décor that will last long term, or at a minimum through the holiday season so you won’t be forced to run out last minute to buy new flowers to replace dying holiday plants.

Prepare the Musical Playlists

Believe it or not, the music really sets tone and ambiance for the party. You know your audience better than anyone, so if time permits, prepare a playlist of at least 3 hours to get the party going and sending positive vibes.

It’s always fun playing DJ as you go but having the party-playlist beforehand is critical to make sure the party is flowing and doesn’t require someone constantly monitoring the music.

Set a Few Special Party Cocktails

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast you may already have some holiday-specific drinks in mind, but if not, check Pinterest for some seasonal drinks and make sure you have the ingredients. It’s a good idea to pre-mix some drinks when possible.

Stock Up Your Cleaning Supplies & Stain Removers

Be prepared for the accidental spill on the couch and clothes by making sure you’re stocked on your preferred stain removers and cleaning supplies. The spill is inevitable, so plan ahead and make the clean up more bearable and hopefully less permanent.

Bathroom Prep

Give the bathroom a deep clean.  Getting darker colored bathroom mats for the holiday party may be the easiest way to ensure any party goers who didn’t get the hint about taking shoes off, don’t muddy up your light-colored bathroom mats.  Stock the bathroom basics; toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels.  Make sure the bathrooms have a plunger, and candles or scent improver, to minimize the embarrassing situations for your guests.

Enjoy theses holiday tips for hosting family and friends in your new home!


Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

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