Benefits of Buying A New Home vs Renovating an Existing Home

Benefits of Buying a New Home vs. Renovating Your Existing Home

The decision to buy new versus renovate an existing home, is a common quandary facing families and individuals every year.  Keeping in mind, all situations are different, here are some things to consider when determining what is the best choice for you.

There are many benefits of buying a new home, we’ll provide a few to consider when evaluating your options.

New Homes Are More Energy Efficient Than Older Homes
New homes are generally more energy efficient than older homes, due to the nature of the insulation, potentially outdated windows, doors and other entrances into the home losing their seal and leaking over time.

New Homes Can Be Customized Up-front To Specifically Fit Your Needs
Finding the perfect home layout for your home from the start, simplifies the process of ultimately living in your dream home.  Selecting the new home layout of your choice, customizing the upgrades and features as well as color schemes throughout the home is easier and more efficient than dealing with the limitations and challenges of working with an existing home through renovations.

Transitioning into a New Home Rather than Living in a Renovation Construction Zone
There is something therapeutic about the cleansing and reorganization of moving from one home to the next.  Through the packing and organizational process as you move to a brand-new home, you can declutter and organize your home and make sure there is the perfect place for your things in your new home.

Challenges of Renovations
The challenges to consider when facing the choice of purchasing a new home or renovating an old home will be different case by case and house by house but some commonalities tend to exist regardless of the home.

The renovation process tends to be very time consuming as the house needs to a partial construction zone, and partial living space, disrupting you and your family’s normal rhythm and routine.

There is always the chance during a remodel that you run into unexpected issues resulting in unavoidable additional expenses which come as a result of the renovation to complete the job.

New-Home Purchase to Avoid the Uncertainty
Rather than taking the chance of renovating and running into additional issues and costs, consider buying a new home and minimize your risk.

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