Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is a stressful, but exciting time for everyone involved.  Just as important as the tips of things to remember to do, is the order you execute things to make your life as easy as possible and efficient with your time.

Tips for Moving Into Your New Home:

Update Your Address

Get a jump on the forwarding of your mail and updating your address to make sure you don’t miss any important documents like bank statements and credit cards.

Submit your change-of-address forms with the post office as soon as possible.

Remember to update your address with:

  • Credit Card Companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance Providers
  • Drivers License
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Utilities


Although it’s probably the last thing you want to do as you’re trying to relocate all your belongings, find your new rhythm, figure out your new commute, etc…you should consider putting a fresh coat of paint throughout the home before you get all your furniture and items moved in!

Organize Your Document Storage

In the process of moving all of your furniture, clothing, and endless boxes (at best – organized, and at worst – total variety mixed bag of items at the end) which get moved multiple times throughout the home, its critical to identify a main place in the home for your most important documents. It may be worth purchasing a safe and storing the following items for safe keeping:

  • Real Estate Papers
  • Mortgage
  • Warranties
  • Bank Information
  • Social Security Cards
  • Birth Certificates

Home Repairs

Walk-through your home with a fresh eye, and make note of the things in the home which require repair or updates.  The evaluation while the home is vacant, will make it much easier to identify and note a to-do list.

Install and Activate Your Security System

Changing your locks is a good start to securing your home, and its worthwhile to consider your other security options.

Consider your options for home security systems, they are getting more common and have more options which is driving the price down and making it more reasonable.  There are full security companies to consider, and many cable providers also offer a package with video-cameras and an smartphone app for login.

Learn Your Home Operations

Check out your operations in the home which are different from home to home:

  • circuit breakers
  • water cutoff valves
  • garage doors
  • home theatre systems
  • sprinklers
  • appliances
  • thermostat


Evaluate if it’s worthwhile to update the thermostat to a new digital, connected thermostat viewable by smartphone application.

Plan the Decorations and Furniture for the Home

Think through your vision for your home in all rooms and the way you want it to feel as you go from room to room.  Documenting your plan room by room should make it easier to keep a consistent look and ambiance.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

Pop over and meet the neighbors because getting to know your neighbors sooner rather than later is better for everyone.  You never know when you may be locked out, or need to borrow some milk (although we can order our groceries for delivery now).  You don’t have to be best friends with the whole neighborhood but its sure nice if you can be.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Technology makes it easier than ever to get some ideas for what is around your neighborhood in the local community, but sometimes driving the local area and taking an old fashioned cruise around and seeing for yourself is the best way to find the hot spots and hidden gems.


Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

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