Best Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home is a constant to-do item and these 10 home cleaning tips will help you to be efficient and effective in keeping your home as clean as possible for you and your family.

Home Cleaning Tip #1

Use New Rags as you Clean Through the Home

If you can manage to use different rags as you clean it will minimize you dragging bacteria and dirt from one surface to another as you move throughout your home.

Home Cleaning Tip #2

Window Cleaning on Cooler Days

Cleaning during the heat and sunniest parts of the day tends to make the cleaners you are using evaporate faster and can create streaks. Ideally, clean during an overcast day with cooler temperatures.

Home Cleaning Tip #3

Leave Some Space in the Dishwasher

When running the dishwasher, leave some space between the items and don’t load it to capacity. The dishes and silverware will get a proper clean if there is room for water flow.

Home Cleaning Tip #4

Use the Appropriate Surface Cleaner

To have the most effective clean with least negative effects on the surface, check for surface specific cleaning products. All-purpose cleaners tend to be harsh and can accidentally damage surfaces.

Home Cleaning Tip #5

Empty the Vacuum Bag

It’s in your best interest to empty the vacuum bag after every use. All the dust, dirt, and possibly bugs that end up in the bag are best to be cleansed completely from your home rather than letting it sit in the vacuum bag.

Home Cleaning Tip #6

Sweep & Dust Frequently

Sweeping your floors will help cleanse the surface and minimize the chances of the dirt getting pressed into the floors and the possibility of scratches to the surface.  Dusting on a regular basis will limit the time it sits, and therefore it won’t have time to discolor the finish over time.

Home Cleaning Tip #7

Clean Drains and Disposals Thoroughly

Clean drains and check disposals in your kitchen, and bathroom, so fluids continue to drain correctly and smells don’t form.

Home Cleaning Tip #8

Clean Home Floors with Appropriate Equipment

For ceramic tile and porcelain floors, using a steam mop is a very effective way to clean the dirt, dust, and germs.  For laminates or wood floors remember that steam mops are too vigorous and can create issues with the glue used in the assembly of the flooring.

Home Cleaning Tip #9

Aerate Fumes from Chemical Cleaners

When cleaning bathrooms, or other rooms in the home, it is common to use a chemical cleaner and it’s critical to open windows and create air flow out of the home during and after using these chemical products with harsh fumes.

Home Cleaning Tip #10

Cleaning Your Appliances

Give your washing machine and dishwasher some attention and interior cleaning a couple times throughout the year so they can continue to perform at the highest level in cleaning your belongings.


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