Pollard Park – Best Outdoor Things To Do in Chesterfield Township

Pollard Park is one of the best outdoor things to do in Chesterfield Township!

Pollard park is located in Chesterfield Township (near our Hickey Meadows West Community in Chesterfield Township) and is estimated to be 128 acres in size!

The park is a great place for playing sports, and have organized leagues available for sign-up. League activities offered include baseball and flag football. There are leagues and sports programming offered for young children as well.

If you are interested in signing up for the sports leagues or programming, you can do so through the Parks and Recreation Program. Parks and recreation has all types of sporting events available, extending to locations outside of Pollard Park. Getting involved in sports for children and adults is great for exercise and for meeting new people and making new friends!

Beyond sporting activities, Pollard Park also host the Easter Egg Scramble and other types of miscellaneous events.

Directions to Pollard Park

Pollard Park – Parks & Recreation’s Sports League Registration

Photo by Zeno Thysman on Unsplash

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