Stahls Automotive Collection – Best Things To Do in Chesterfield

Stahls Automotive Collection is one of the best things to do in Chesterfield Township offering an inexpensive way to spend a day enjoying vintage cars and automotive history.

Stahls Automotive is mainly open during the weekdays and rare Saturdays. The museum has amazing classic automobiles, music machines, gas pumps, signs and memorabilia.

The collection at Stahls is filled with automobiles from 1800’s to 1967’s. Exploring several eras of cars, including but not limited to Veteran Era, Vintage Era and Pre and Post War. 

The museum includes music machines dating back as early as the 1880’s.  Did you know that the first music machines were invented just in the 1877’s? This would mean that Stahl’s would have one of the earliest music machines invented.

The Imhof & Mukel Barrel Organ in 1880 is one of the earliest devices used to play music. The organ’s technology involved playing the music through a large barrel, which is on display at Stahls.

Besides inventions of automobiles, Stahl’s also has various gas pumps and signs that you can view there. It’s very interesting to see various types of gas pumps that were invented in 1885. However, in those times the gas pumps were not used for automobiles. The pumps were used for kerosene lamps and stoves. 

There are also video games for children and adults, to provide options for everyone to have some fun.

Stahls Automotive Collection – Website

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