Stoney Creek Metro Park – Best Outdoor Things To Do in Shelby Township

Stoney Creek Metro Park is located in Oakland and Macomb County, and is visited by many residents of Shelby Township, Michigan. The park is 4,400 acres and is open all year long. 

Visitors enjoy activities including biking, swimming, walking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and types of sport activities. 

Stoney Creek Metro Park has different type of passes that allow you to get into the park.

The passes include:

  • standard annual passes
  • discount senior passes
  • daily passes
  • disabled veterans receive free entry

If you are walking, bicycling, or inline skating you can enter into the park for free without coming in with a vehicle.

Most locals buy annual passes, with the expectation they will go multiple times throughout the year.

The park is used and visited all year round, but enjoy the park in different ways depending on the season. 

Visitors enjoy the golf course, water slides, various play structures, camping, nature walks, fishing, and more. 

Many exercises choose to enjoy bicycling, walking and skating throughout the park for a cardiovascular workout.

Water activities include canoeing, swimming, boating and other activities.  With all of these different activities there is something for everyone to do.

Winter activities enjoyed at the park include ice fishing, educational walks, fitness trails, walking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and even sledding.  Some of these activities maybe limited based on how much snow that you have on the ground, but if the water freezes all the way, you can ice skate too.

Stoney Creek Metro Park is considered by the Acadia Home Builders team to be one of the “Best Outdoor Things To Do in Shelby Township.”

Stoney Creek Metro Park – Directions

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