Best Homeowner Tools – For Your Toolbox

Getting in your to your new home is a great feeling, and as soon as you start feeling settled…you begin thinking about all the things you want to do and decorate to make it feel like home.

For all of your do-it-yourself projects inside and outside the home, as well as building your new trendy furniture, this necessity list of the best homeowner tools for the ultimate toolbox is a great way to prepare for the projects to come!

The Ultimate Toolbox – Critical Homeowner Tools


One of the first things you will inevitably find yourself needing to do, is hang pictures of family and friends, decorations, cabinets, and all need to be leveled correctly as they are floating on the wall.


Possibly the most commonly used tool in your home will likely be a hammer, make sure you have 1-2, for the best performance depending on the task and surface.

Claw Hammers, or curved claw hammers, are the best for most of your needs in and around the home.  Check the weight and handle material, typically a steel 16-24 oz. with rubber or wood handle should do the trick.

You may want to consider a mallet or dead blow hammer, 2-3 lbs., consider at least one with a non-marring face if possible.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is necessary on nearly every job you will do in your home, calculating distances between objects and for installing anything hanging. Having 2-3 tape measures can be helpful to map out an areas before making permanent moves on a job.

Screw Drivers

Picking up a comprehensive screw driver set is your best bet to making sure you have the right type and size for the bit, with a screw driver which can be interchanged with the different heads.

Drill and Drill Bits

Multi-purpose, cordless drills are extremely convenient and useful. Research a few brands and check products reviews to find a sturdy, quality, drill and comes with a full variety of drill bits.


Home improvement projects will be much easier with a wrench set in your home tool box, especially when assembling home furniture with all the different sizes of nuts, hex nuts, bolts, etc.  Tightening your home furniture, and any projects for that matter, makes your assembly much more successful. A self-ratcheting wrench will assist the process greatly, allowing you to keep your grip on a bolt to really tighten efficiently.

Utility Knife

Following the move-in process you will find yourself with many cardboard boxes to break down and put out in the recycling, so a utility knife will be worth the small investment immediately.  A utility knife will be useful for paint removal, edge trimming of carpets, custom precision cuts, and more.  When researching utility knives, consider storage options, some models come with rubber coverage for the handles and safety covering for the blade.


Smartphones do indeed have a flashlight, but in the case of emergency, and for most home diy projects you will want to have a sturdy and reliable flashlight.  Rechargeable flashlights are a great option for saving on energy costs and getting more time out of your flashlight.  Keep in mind in diy projects, at times you have your hands full and need to balance a flashlight, and it is more cost effective to drop a inexpensive, sturdy, flashlight that can handle the fall rather than your expensive, glass, smartphone and have to replace it.


Pliers and needle-nose pliers are great for getting a strong grip on tiny objects, we recommend having one of each.  Consider pliers with channel-lock for home projects with plumbing aspects, and wire-strippers for electrical facets to the job.


Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

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